Compliance Notice

We fully comply with Isle of Man law and regulation.

Compliance Notice.

Corporate Data. and Isle of Man Angel Network are registered business names belonging to Katz & Co. LLC and limited liabilty company registered in the Isle of Man with company number 000960L.

Registered office address: 16 Hope Street, Douglas, Isle of Man. IM1 1AQ

Interaction with Isle of Man financial services law & regulation.

We don’t recommend any investments and we don’t arrange them;  We are simply provide the means for investors and entrepreneurs to communicate with each other.

This means that from a legal perspective, we don’t undertake any activities which require a Class 2 Financial Services licence. In respect of ‘arranging investments’ our activities fall within the scope of exclusion 2(k) of the Regulated Activities Order 2011 as this platform “merely provides the means by which one party to a transaction or potential transaction is able to communicate with other such parties.”

Anti-money laundering / countering terrorist financing. 

The business of is not ‘a business in the regulated sector’ as defined by Schedule 4 to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2008.  Consequentially, the business activities of fall outside the scope of the Anti-money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Code 2019.

GDPR – Isle of Man data protection laws. is a registered business name belonging to Katz & Co. LLC. Katz & Co. LLC is registered with the Isle of Man Information Commissioner for data protection purposes. You can see a copy of our Privacy Policy here.

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