About Us

Helping create the future today

We believe in a bright future for the Isle of Man.

Background and History

We are no strangers to angel investment as the original Isle of Man Angel Network was set up in 2012 by our predecessor, MK Ventures Ltd; it operated with some success until 2015 when we mothballed it. 

Katz & Co and Katz Accounts have re-established the network to encourage and support entrepreneurship here on the Island. 

Where possible we will provide support to entrepreneurs and growing businesses but we only have finite resources so we conduct as much of the work as possible online. Over time we will expand the useful assets in the Resources section of this website site to provide assistance.

If you need further professional assistance then we can refer you to a relevant party or, if appropriate, Katz & Co. or Katz Accounts will be pleased to assist you under a separate engagement.

Regulatory Matters

We won’t recommend any investments and we don’t arrange them;  We are simply about providing the means for investors and entrepreneurs to communicate.

From a legal perspective, we don’t undertake any activities which require a Class 2 Financial Services licence. In terms of ‘arranging investments’ our activities fall within the scope of exclusion 2(k) of the Regulated Activities Order 2011 as this platform “merely provides the means by which one party to a transaction or potential transaction is able to communicate with other such parties.”

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